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FleetData Product Line

Covers the entire life cycle of a car


Information regarding all vehicles in commercialization
Preços de carros

Detailed information per vehicle – prices, taxes, technical specifications, standard equipment and optional equipment

Data collected from all importers or distributors operating in each national market


Detailed information on maintenance costs for light vehicles

Detail of all costs of preventive and corrective maintenance

Prediction of total costs with maintenance and tires for various deadlines and mileage

Continuously updated information


Quotes of used vehicles Passenger Cars and Commercials

Information based on the average value of thousands of real transactions made in the professional market

Data obtained at Auctioneers, Fleet Managers, Rent-a-Car and Used Car Dealers


Estimation of residual values of all vehicles in the market

Methodology for estimating the residual values of the vehicles based on the Used Car Book values

The econometric analysis used includes the impact of variables such as inflation, the life cycle of the vehicles and the seasonality

And more...

The tool that analyzes the actual costs of using a car

TCO Analysis

The tool that analyzes the actual costs of using a car

Using the concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) it is possible for a potential customer to financially evaluate the purchase decision of a vehicle and to make a proper analysis of the impact of that investment option.