About us

About us

Sobre nos_1 FleetDataLong experience in the automotive world

FleetData born to fill a gap that existed in the provision of products and services for the automotive sector, positioning itself as a specialized company with a comprehensive and integrated Market Intelligence solutions. The long experience of the team FleetData in the automotive world, a constant analysis of trends and best practices and comprehensive and systematic collection of data enables us to develop and improve solutions that meet the main needs of our clients.


Sobre nos_2Increase productivity and efficiency

Our commitment is to assist our clients in increasing productivity and efficiency, trying to meet the specific needs of each segment: fleet managers, rent-a-car, financial and insurance companies, manufacturers and importers, automotive retail, specialized press and fleet owners


Sobre nos_3Information reliable and updated data

The strong competitiveness that has been seen in the automotive segment and the affirmation of the Operating Lease with an increased impact on the entire sector, imply a growing need for information reliable and updated data, as well as tools that allow companies to increase productivity and to be focus on the core activities of their business



Sobre nos_4Specific Market Intelligence solutions

In this context of increasing complexity and competition, the use of innovative and specific Market Intelligence solutions is an asset and a differentiator in obtaining better results at lower costs