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2021: passenger market will slow down, less polluting vehicles will rise

25 March 2021
FleetData released the data referring to the evaluations, with intention to sell, carried out during the year 2020, in its used appraiser.

This evaluator registered significant differences between the first and second semesters of the year. Of all the vehicles that went on sale, the vast majority took place in the first half (74%), the remaining 26% in the second half.

In the opinion of Luís Frazão, Director General of Fleetdata, “the slowdown in the second half of 2020 will continue, during the first half of 2021, due to the existing restrictions and the lower use of the car, generated by the confinement. In this way, the slowdown in sales of light vehicles is expected to continue, as has been seen in recent months ”.

With the decrease in kilometers traveled due to existing mobility restrictions, it is predicted that, “in addition to car dealers, the workshops will also continue to have a drop in billing”, explains the same person in charge.

In growth, “the Portuguese people's increasing interest in less polluting vehicles” will be on, he continues. In the referred appraiser, the majority of used cars for sale are diesel cars (74%), which may be an indicator of consumers' increasing willingness to sell polluting cars and purchase more environmentally friendly vehicles.

"Also on the rise, there is an increasing trend towards a digitalization of the buying and selling processes, with adherence to online appraisers being an example of this," he adds.

Still for 2021, “there may be an increase in demand for goods vehicles, in order to cope with the increasing digitalization of the economy and the growth of electronic commerce”, concludes Luís Frazão.

In 2020, the car brands with the most ratings (with intention to sell), on, were Renault (11%), Peugeot (10%), BMW (9%) and Volkswagen (7%) . The model with the most evaluations carried out was the Renault Megane. If we analyze by country of origin, 6 German brands made up 35% of the total (BMW, Volkswagen, Opel, Mercedez-Benz, Audi and Smart), while 3 French brands made up 26% of the whole (Renault, Peugeot and Citroen), being these are the countries of origin with the greatest representation.

The simulator (belonging to FleetData) estimates values ​​of used cars up to 15 years of age. During the year 2020, vehicles produced between 2005 and 2019 were evaluated. The year of manufacture that registered the highest number of evaluations with the intention of selling was 2005 (11 percent of the total). The year of manufacture with the lowest number of evaluations was 2019 (2.5% of the total cars evaluated in 2020).

Said appraiser indicates the value of used vehicles, for sale to a car dealer. The average value of vehicles evaluated in 2020 was 8,500 euros.
On average, the cars evaluated (with intention to sell) in 2020, had 150 thousand kilometers. Older cars (from 2005) were, on average, 230 thousand kilometers, while newer cars (from 2019) were, on average, 22 thousand kilometers.

In the cars evaluated in 2020, with the intention of selling, differences were noted, also in the areas of the country from which they came. Mostly, the location was located in Lisbon, Porto and Setúbal (60% of the evaluations with the intention of selling were made by owners residing in these 3 districts).

Most of the cars for sale in that year were national vehicles (94%), that is, vehicles that were registered for the first time in Portugal and that only had Portuguese registration. Imported vehicles constituted only 6% of the total evaluations made with the intention of selling.