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​What are the basic skills needed to be a fleet manager?

07 April 2021
A good fleet manager must have skills and competences at various levels, including the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time (multi-tasking). If you intend to perform this function, know what awaits you in the next paragraphs.

Combining various interests and needs

Combine and manage different interests and objectives: what the company needs (cost management, fuel economy), what the suppliers want, what the customers demand (deadlines or delivery conditions) or what the drivers need (security, all this could be a puzzle that will certainly require some negotiation and planning skills.

Goal oriented

The manager should use metrics that are well measurable to assess the entire performance of the fleet and, from there, set goals. It should be guided by well-defined goals, considering the fleet's productivity, the downtime of each vehicle or the control of fixed and variable costs, and finding solutions to optimize each one.

Ability to make decisions quickly

In the fleet management process, decision making is constant, whether it is a matter of minor importance or global issues. E-mails or phone calls constantly arrive with unforeseen issues to be resolved, which require quick and effective decision-making.

Knowing how to deal with moments of crisis

In the event of a market crisis, as may be happening with some fleets due to the pandemic, the manager must make some decisions regarding cost management. If there are stopped vehicles, it is necessary to ensure that they remain in the best conditions (tires, battery, among others), as well as postponing non-urgent repairs, such as painting failures, in order to rationalize expenses.

Be adaptable to change

Fleet management changes every day, so the manager must have a good ability to deal with the change. The changes can happen due to several factors, such as the emergence of new technologies or even, due to public health needs (as is happening nowadays, with disinfection procedures to avoid Covid-19).

Have extensive knowledge of the sector and industry

The fleet manager needs to be good at solving problems constantly. To do this, you must maintain a wide range of knowledge both in the automotive sector and in the industry where you work. He must also be aware of new trends in the market, in order to anticipate the change and plan it properly (instead of being overtaken by circumstances).

Dealing with technologies and statistics

In addition to the interpersonal skills necessary for the function (responding to various audiences with different needs), the person in charge of the fleet must also be an expert in technologies and analysis of statistical data, in order to achieve an efficient and profitable management.

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