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Maintenance costs of new and used vehicles

MSBook (Maintenance and Service Book) estimates the costs of preventive and corrective maintenance, for new and used vehicles, for a certain period of time and mileage.
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Added value and benefits
The information is constantly updated and the calculation is done transparently. The MSBook is accessible in a quick and simple way, being adaptable by the user.
Among the various parameters that can be customized, we highlight: scheduled maintenance; corrective maintenance; tires; wearing parts, such as discs, pads, clutches, or others; discounts obtained on parts or labor; mandatory periodic inspections or the inflation rate.
The information is available through
MSB File
Computer file that calculates maintenance costs according to the parameters defined by the customer: term, kilometers, and inclusion or not of tires, inspections, among others.
MSB Online
The calculations are made through a specific customer area, accessible online. Each user can simulate the various factors together or separately, as well as define a time period or a number of kilometers. The information can be exported to files in different formats.
Comparative analysis
MSBook allows you to estimate maintenance costs for one or more vehicles, and can be used in fleet management. It is possible to carry out comparative analyzes between two or more vehicles.

The calculation is made considering the expected costs with scheduled maintenance, as recommended by the brand, and taking into account the average price of labor, in the brand's workshop.

Future wear of parts and components is also estimated, as well as the costs of replacing them, either for parts that are replaced periodically or for parts that are not replaced.

The probability of malfunctions is also calculated.
The calculations respect the parameters entered by the use, (time period, mileage, among others) .