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Prices and technical specifications of automobiles and motorcycles

NCBook (New Car Book) is a database of automobiles and motorcycles, which allows you to know prices and characteristics of all vehicles available on the market.
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Added value and benefits
Complete, flexible and constantly updated database. All information is gathered in one platform.
Simple and organized structure, which can be consulted or grouped according to the needs of each client.
Each customer will be able to define the frequency with which they receive updates, according to their needs.
The information is available through
NCB File
Computer file that is made available to the customer at a previously agreed periodicity. Once downloaded, the file is available for access in the customer's information systems.
NCB Web Service
Access to the database, online, made from the customer's information systems. This is the option that allows more immediate access to the information, taking into account that the database is updated daily.
This solution allows greater flexibility for the customer's information systems: the data is consulted online, and the space occupied on the customer's server is practically zero.
Complete and exhaustive database
Detailed and current database, which includes light passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, mopeds and motorcycles.
All features included in detail
It includes all the technical characteristics and equipment of each version or model, including the existing options, as well as the respective prices.
Possibility to filter information
It allows you to group or search for information by factors: price, segment, brand, model, year of launch, power, cylinder capacity, type of box, fuel, number of seats, among others.
We constantly collect information from manufacturers, distributors and importers of automobiles and motorcycles.

This information is integrated into a database, which is updated every day.