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Evaluation of used vehicles

UCBook (Used Car Book) provides the current value of used vehicles, based on vehicle transactions carried out in the national market.
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Added value and benefits
Adaptable and adjustable to the needs of each client.
Possibility of assessment based on registration. With the insertion of the registration number, the evaluation will be extremely accurate and simple. We have a database that includes the exact technical characteristics for all vehicles on the market.
In the Web Service and Online options, the calculation is individualized for each specific vehicle. It takes into account the age, mileage and condition of the vehicle. If available, this tool also includes optional equipment that has been added to the vehicle.
The information is available through
UCB File
Computer file, updated monthly, containing the values of automobiles and motorcycles: new, in each year, and used (average values), in the professional and retail markets.

This value is calculated assuming that the vehicles had an average use similar to the segment to which they belong.
UCB WebService
Computer application that accesses the FleetData database and integrates vehicle values into customer information systems.
UCB Online
Professional assessment tool available on the FleetData page, through a customer area. It can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone.
Professional and retail values
We indicate the values of professional and retail sales.
The assessment takes into account the seasonality in the vehicles market.
Search without the registration number
If necessary, you can carry out the evaluation without inserting the vehicle's registration number. You will only need to indicate some of the vehicle's characteristics.

We collect data from thousands of purchases and sales, made monthly by auction houses, fleet managers, dealerships, car dealers, car rental companies and other used car operators. We have a record of more than half a million transactions made with used vehicles, in the national market.

The vehicles are evaluated based on these transactions, thus reflecting the reality of the market.