Application that allows the estimation of future values (residual values) of the vehicles traded in the domestic market

Based on a consistent methodology supported in the analysis of the historical evolution of the used

Gains and Profits:

  • Methodology based on the analysis of real transactions collected from the market (UCBook), which gives it a solid and credible basis
  • Econometric and statistical analysis used in the calculation of residual values allows us to include in the model the impact of variables such as inflation, the life cycle of the vehicles and the seasonality
  • Extensive possibilities of parameterization (use, existing history, own performance versus market performance, etc.).

Available in:

  • File
  • Online


This application allows the calculation of future used values (Residual Values) by analyzing the determinant variables in the valuation of used vehicles, starting from the historical observations of the valuations of the different models / versions available in our market

Variables as product life cycle, seasonality, macroeconomic factors, among others, are analyzed in a discriminatory manner, as well as the correlations between them and the variation of prices in the used market, and that allow to support the past evolution of the value of determined used vehicle

The tool allows the calculation of 3 levels of intended use of the car (s) (reduced / particular, medium and intense / professional) and verify their impact on expected future values

You can create groups of cars (baskets) which needs to be analyzed repeatedly in order to facilitate its search and selection of vehicles and to monitor the evolution of the Residual Values expected over time, as well as the Public Selling Prices (PVPs) and the launch date of the analyzed models, exporting the information for files in Excel format


Transactions obtained at Leiloeiras, Fleet Managers, Rent-a-Car and Used Traders

FleetData Methodology to determine the sale and purchase prices of used cars Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

  • Seasonality
  • Mileage
  • Segments
  • Brands
  • Fuel
  • Equipment
  • Bodytype
  • Introduction of new models
  • End of life of current models

  • Seasonality
  • Mileage
  • Segments

Database of future values of all vehicles in the domestic market

Transparent methodology that analyzes the information collected from professionals in the sector (Used Car Book observatory)