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FleetData helps car dealers buy used cars

09 September 2021
FleetData is launching a new service that will allow car dealers to have access to the purchase of used vehicles easily and without much competition.

This service will bring vehicle owners closer to car dealers, solving a problem that has long been felt by these professionals: the lack of used vehicles available for sale to dealers.

With this service, traders have access to vehicles almost exclusively, and without competition. In traditional vehicle auctions, there are numerous buyers interested in buying, which can raise the prices at which the vehicles are traded.

Furthermore, this service prevents the professional from having to use the usual papers placed in the car's windows, a method that includes wasting resources (paper, printing and time), and does not guarantee contact with an owner who is interested in the sale.

Another benefit of this service is that sellers express an interest in selling to a merchant. This prevents industry professionals from having to negotiate the transaction amounts, as the seller is already aware of the vehicle sales amounts to the dealer.

How it works

FleetData collects daily statistical data on car transactions in Portugal. This data is statistically compiled and then used to estimate used car sales values ​​based on the national average.

In this way, and based on the national average, Fleetdata is able to say how much a used vehicle is worth, in Portugal, for sale to a dealer.

The evaluation of the car includes several factors: make, model, version, year of the vehicle and average expected mileage according to the vehicle's age. This evaluation is free and available online, on the FleetData website and on some partner websites.

After indicating to the Internet user the value of your car, to a car dealer, the FleetData evaluator asks you if you want to receive proposals for the purchase of the vehicle.

If the owner is interested in the sale, he will only have to indicate the real mileage of the vehicle and its color, as well as his contact details, so that the dealer can contact him with a purchase proposal.